the story behind numeral

Sales tax getting more complex? It’s not just you.

In 2018, the Supreme Court ruled that retailers are responsible for collecting sales tax for out-of-state sales.

A small brand doing $5M in sales typically owes sales tax in 30+ states. But registering a business in multiples states with their own tax codes is daunting...

We built Numeral to be the easiest way for ecommerce entrepreneurs to handle sales tax. As former operators ourselves, we felt the pain of sales tax compliance first hand.

Let us take care of your sales tax for you.

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Meet the team behind Numeral

Photo of Kevin Liu, co-founder of Numeral

Kevin Liu

Previously @ KPMG, Visa

Kevin is a licensed CPA in the state of California. Prior to Numeral, Kevin operated multiple ecommerce businesses. Kevin graduated from the UC Berkeley with a degree in economics with an emphasis in accounting.

Photo of Sam Ross, co-founder of Numeral

Sam Ross

Previously @ Airbnb, Teespring

Prior to Numeral, Sam started numerous e-commerce businesses that have generated over $50M in revenue. However, the headache of filing sales taxes across many states became the basis for starting Numeral.

Photo of Kevin Moffatt, co-founder & CTO of Numeral
Co-founder & CTO

Jake Moffatt

Previously @ Snapdocs, Alto Pharmacy

Jake is a software engineer with 12+ years of experience. He previously worked at and led teams at startups such as Snapdocs, Alto Pharmacy and Teespring.

Let us worry about your sales tax.

With Numeral, you spend five minutes or less every month on sales tax. We’re the white-glove service you are looking for that’s run by ecommerce operators and CPAs.

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