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Ecommerce Sales Tax
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Spend fewer than five minutes a month on sales tax compliance with our white-glove service.

No long-term contract. No credit card required.

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How it works

Numeral, in
4 easy steps.

Connect your stores and let us manage your sales tax compliance from start to finish.


Numeral provides 24/7 sales monitoring and notifies you when you reach economic nexus.


Numeral registers your business in all states it has nexus, without you having to do a single phone call.


Numeral manages your store's tax collection settings to make sure you're collecting at the right rates across the 11,000 tax jurisdictions.


Numeral automates monthly, quarterly, and annual remittances on your behalf.


Your one-stop shop for ecommerce sales tax compliance.

From registration to remittance, we manage all aspects of sales tax for your store so that you spend under five minutes every month thinking about it.

Fill out state registration questionnaire
Enter billing information
Fill out physical nexus questionnaire
Schedule a free call with a sales tax expert


Get an overview of your sales tax situation


Determine which US states you need to collect sales tax in


Plug all the ecommerce channels you depend on

Virtual Mailboxes

We will scan, read, and respond to all your sales tax mail from state and local governments


Access all of store's past filings


We integrate with the best in ecommerce

Connecting your online business to Numeral is 100% secure. We only act as a bridge between platforms and your sales tax.

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top-notch customer service

Simplify your sales tax process with our comprehensive solution.

24/7 live chat support

Our support team is a chat away from assisting you with any technical issues

Text a licensed tax expert

Text a registered CPA for quick and accurate replies for all things sales tax

Strategic tax advices

We provide comprehensive filing documentation for you to review

Never call a state again

We communicate on your behalf with state agencies, so that you don't have to

State mail processed for you

We automatically scan, read and reply to state letters on your behalf

State notices responses

We'll notify you of any necessary states responses as soon as they are available


We manage their sales tax, so they can focus on growing their business


I was spending way too many hours every month on sales tax. And if you wanted someone on customer support from my tax service, there was no one. Numeral has made it easy to identify and know the tax laws. And then on your behalf, registering, managing everything, is kind of taking the worry off my plate.

Jesse Hiss

Founder, Fresh Sends


We had many issues with TaxJar like late filings which incurred penalties, incorrect tax filing resulting in $5700 more paid in taxes, complexities around state onboarding, and non-existent customer support. Numeral provided complete onboarding, prompt customer service, rapid feature additions based on customer input, and so much more.

Kevin Chanthasiriphan

Founder, immi

I found Avalara very confusing and I felt like it didn’t do what it promised. With Numeral, I can trust that all filings are being done correctly in all the relevant jurisdictions. And that’s all I wanted. This enables me to scale Explorer seamlessly without ever thinking about the hassles of managing sales tax.

Cason Crane

Founder, Explorer

Frequently asked questions

Let's put your mind at ease.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

Do I need to pay for anything else besides Numeral to file my sales tax?

There are a few states that require a registration fee; however, most states are free. Besides that, the only recurring charge are your monthly/quarterly/annual filings.

I didn’t know I needed to pay sales tax. Can Numeral help me with back taxes?

Yes, we’ll complete a full audit of your store and discuss your options. We can help initiate a Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (or VDA) or suggest a more economical (sensible) alternative.

Do we have to sign a long term contract?

No, we don't require clients to sign a long term contract. You pay month-to-month and only when we file taxes or register you for a state.

What assurances does Numeral make for clients?

We guarantee your sales tax is filed on time or we'll pay for your penalties and interest charges.

I need help. What’s the general timeline and next steps to get sales tax compliant?

We’ll complete a comprehensive audit of your store to determine nexus. Based on our results we can help register your business to the appropriate states and back file your sales tax. The entire process takes about three to five days.

Let us worry about your sales tax

With Numeral, you spend five minutes or less every month on sales tax. We’re the white-glove service you are looking for that’s run by ecommerce operators and CPAs.

No long-term contract. No credit card required.