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About Fresh Sends

Fresh Sends delivers beautiful flowers right to your doorstep. Jesse Hiss and his wife, Ty, started this business in 2020, right before the world was hit by the pandemic.

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Fresh Sends delivers beautiful flowers right to your doorstep. Jesse Hiss and his wife, Ty, started this business in 2020, right before the world was hit by the pandemic. 

Despite the initial obstacles, their business thrived and became an important part of life for those who wanted to send thoughtful gifts to their loved ones during the lockdown. 

We both had the entrepreneurial itch and quit our jobs, jumped ship, and dove full board into Fresh Sends. We launched it in 2020 right before the pandemic hit. Initially, we thought, 'What did we get ourselves into?' But it ended up working out well because you couldn't go see your grandma, but you could ship her flowers," said Jesse Hiss, co-founder, Fresh Sends

Fresh Sends was not just about flowers—it was about the sentiment, the emotion, the love that was sent along with each bouquet. Their goal? Become the nation's go-to gifting brand.

However, like many businesses, they faced a significant challenge: managing sales tax.

Challenge: The Sales Tax Conundrum

As Fresh Sends blossomed, so did their sales tax obligations. Initially, they turned to TaxJar, a tool designed to help businesses manage sales tax. But TaxJar was more of a sidekick than a superhero. 

It required Jesse to register for all the states and manage the process himself. The platform was also inconsistent, providing different information than Shopify about how and where they needed to collect tax. 

This inconsistency led to confusion, wasted time, and growing frustration.

Jesse described the situation, saying, "I was spending way too many hours every month... I had to do everything myself. And if you want someone to get on customer support, there is no one literally."

Moreover, Jesse found himself spending hours each month battling with sales tax. He was also incurring late fees due to delayed filings. The whole process was a headache, and he knew he needed a better solution to come to the rescue.

Solution: Numeral, the White-Glove Service for Ecommerce Sales Tax

Enter Numeral, a YC-backed white-glove solution that manages the headaches of ecommerce sales tax so entrepreneurs can focus on growing their business. Numeral appealed to Jesse for several reasons.

First, they took care of state registration, setting up all the accounts, managing the ever-changing landscape of sales tax—the whole shebang.

They were the sales tax experts, allowing Jesse to focus on what he does best—running his business.

Jesse expressed his relief, stating, "Numeral made it easy of identifying and knowing the tax laws. And then on your behalf, registering, managing everything, is kind of taking the worry off of my plate."

Second, they provided 24/7 sales monitoring and notified Fresh Sends when they reached the economic nexus. The platform offered a one-stop-shop for ecommerce sales tax compliance, from registration to remittance, automating all aspects of sales tax for the store.

Impact: Time Saved and Peace of Mind Achieved

With Numeral, Jesse saved around 40 hours a month that he would have otherwise spent battling the sales tax beast. 

He no longer had to worry about late fees or the anxiety of managing sales tax. Numeral gave him peace of mind, knowing that his sales tax was being handled correctly and efficiently.

Jesse shared, "Having a one-stop shop, the easy button is such a relief for us, at least."

The Results

  • 40 hours saved per month
  • Zero late fees
  • Accurate and timely sales tax filing
  • Peace of mind for the entrepreneur

If you're an entrepreneur, don't let sales tax hold you back. Book a demo with Numeral today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your sales tax is in expert hands.

Numeral is the most comprehensive sales tax compliance solution for ecommerce brands. Top brands like Obvi, Muddy Bites, Crossnet, and Graza spend less than five minutes a month on sales tax. Can we do the same for you? 

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