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State filings

We charge a flat fee per filings for each state regardless of revenue.

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Available for all states
Payment remittances
Continuous support
Audit documentation


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State registrations

One-time registration for each states your business has nexus.

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Register for all states
Quick turnaround
Free nexus audits
Monitor potential nexus


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Frequently asked questions

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Do I need to pay for anything else besides Numeral to file my sales tax?

There are a few states that require a registration fee; however, most states are free. Besides that, the only recurring charge are your monthly/quarterly/annual filings.

I didn’t know I needed to pay sales tax. Can Numeral help me with back taxes?

Yes, we’ll complete a full audit of your store and discuss your options. We can help initiate a Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (or VDA) or suggest a more economical (sensible) alternative.

Do we have to sign a long term contract?

No, we don't require clients to sign a long term contract. You pay month-to-month and only when we file taxes or register you for a state.

What assurances does Numeral make for clients?

We guarantee your sales tax is filed on time or we'll pay for your penalty and interest charges.

I need help. What’s the general timeline and next steps to get sales tax compliant?

We’ll complete a comprehensive audit of your store to determine nexus. Based on our results we can help register your business to the appropriate states and back file your sales tax. The entire process takes about three to five days.

Let us worry about your sales tax

With Numeral, you spend five minutes or less every month on sales tax. We’re the white-glove service you are looking for that’s run by ecommerce operators and CPAs.

No long-term contract. No credit card required.