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Founded by Kevin Chanthasiriphan and Kevin Lee in 2021, immi is on a mission to create flavorful, low-carb instant ramen, pushing the boundaries of classic noodles. Available nationwide, immi’s products have quickly become favorites among consumers.

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Founded by Kevin Chanthasiriphan and Kevin Lee in 2021, immi was on a mission to create flavorful, low-carb instant ramen, pushing the boundaries of classic noodles. Available nationwide, immi’s products have quickly become favorites among consumers. 

"A lot of people told us it wasn't possible... we eventually landed on a formulation that worked and it's continuing to get better every day,” said, Kevin Chanthasiriphan, co-founder, of immi.

But, this rapid expansion came with a complex tax situation—one that immi needed to address swiftly and efficiently.

Challenge: Varying sales tax laws across states slowed immi's rapid expansion plans

immi, which launched during the pandemic period, and quickly grew from a dream to a nationwide reality. With the rapid expansion to retailers like Whole Foods and Sprouts, immi needed a robust, reliable sales tax solution to support its pace of growth.

They initially picked TaxJar but soon discovered it created more problems than solving them.

"We had many issues with TaxJar including late filings which incurred penalties, incorrect tax filing resulting in $5700 more paid in taxes, complexities around state onboarding, and non-existent customer support,” noted Chanthasiriphan.

Moreover, as immi’s retail presence grew, the tax complexity deepened. 

It became challenging to manage with TaxJar—multiple late tax filings had already resulted in penalties for immi.

Kevin and his team needed a more comprehensive, customer-centric solution, one that could efficiently manage their sales tax compliance while allowing them to focus on growing their brand. 

That’s when they heard about Numeral, the white-glove service for ecommerce sales tax compliance.

Solution: Transitioning to a sales tax solution that accommodates immi’s expanding reach

immi needed a solution that not only catered to their complex tax obligations but also offered an impeccable user experience—Numeral checked all the boxes.

"Numeral provided complete onboarding, prompt customer service, rapid feature additions based on customer input, and so much more,” said Chanthasiriphan.

Some of the features the immi team appreciated:

  • White glove service: Numeral offers immi a white-glove service, providing customized and prompt, end-to-end tax filing and assistance.
  • Prompt customer support: Thanks to Numeral's customer support team, immi can always count on receiving comprehensive responses within a short timeframe, most often within a day or two. This approach ensures that tax issues are addressed and managed without delays.
  • State tax registration service: One of the major pluses for immi is Numeral's leading state onboarding service. This feature alleviates the procedural load and legal complexities of individual state tax registrations, allowing immi to focus on its core business functions without worrying about tax compliance.
  • Timely tax filing: Under Numeral's guidance, immi has achieved perfect consistency in its tax filing schedules, effectively eliminating the potential for late filing penalties. This underlines the immense role Numeral plays in maintaining immi's fiscal health and compliance.
  • Virtual mailboxes: Previously, Kevin and his team had to sift through state mail to find anything that was relevant. With Numeral, they don’t have to do that either—Numeral’s team scans, reads, and replies to any relevant mail proactively, without any additional charges. 
"Hands down, Numeral is 10/10,” said Chanthasiriphan when asked how much he would rate Numeral out of 10. 

Impact: Dozens of hours saved monthly with accurate and timely tax filings for immi

The experience with Numeral drastically transformed immi's sales tax process. Releasing the strain of grappling with complex tax regulations and freeing the founders to focus on their core business was the primary impact observed by the immi team.

"We're now filing our state taxes 100% on time. We're not incurring fees... Among the myriad other things that are grabbing my attention, it was so difficult to muster the energy to carve out time for this,” said Chanthasiriphan.

By the numbers

Since switching to Numeral:

  • immi’s pending state filings were reduced from 32 to 0, ensuring on-time tax filings and nullifying incurred penalties
  • Dozens of hours saved from handling tax-related concerns
  • Reduced mental burden, allowing founders to focus on driving business growth

Numeral is the most comprehensive sales tax compliance solution for ecommerce brands. Top brands like Obvi, Muddy Bites, Crossnet, and Graza spend less than five minutes a month on sales tax. Can we do the same for you? 

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